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Our circle jellyfish aquarium with multi LED lights is a truly unique and stunning addition to any home or office.

The circular design adds a modern, futuristic touch to any space, while the colorful LED lights create a mesmerizing and dynamic visual experience.

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PetjellyfishUS stands as a pioneering enterprise, dedicated exclusively to the innovation and cultivation of jellyfish aquariums and the responsible breeding of the live jellyfish. Our company’s mission is deeply rooted in introducing ground breaking concepts to the world of aquariums.

Starter Kits

Looking to get started with your own pet jellyfish collection?

Live Jellyfish Kits

Here, you can choose from various species of jellyfish.

Jellyfish tanks

Whatever your vision, we offer a jellyfish tank to suit.


We stock a range of products, from saltwater to water test kits…

Our unique Jellyfish Tanks and Live Jellyfish in action!

Easy to care for stunning to look

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Be Unique

Enter the enchanting world of jellyfish and let it engulf you. Beautifully pulsating jellyfish can calm you down, not only after a hard day at work.

Animal friendly

We breed our own jellyfish in a specialized facility; we do not support catching jellyfish in the wild.

Trustworthy company

We founded our company in 2014, breeding jellyfish is our passion, and we aim to provide the best services for our customers.

Do not be afraid

Caring of jellyfish is very easy. All your jellyfish needs is occasional water change and feeding.

Unique Aquariums

Our aquariums are specially designed for jellyfish and provide them with perfect living conditions.

Specially Designed Aquariums

Our aquariums provide the perfect living jellyfish and impress you with their design.

Discover a world of wonder

Dive into our mesmerizing collection of Jellyfish
and Jellyfish aquariums.

From ethereal Moon Jellies to the vibrant hues of Pacific Sea Nettles, explore a curated selection of stunning Jellyfish species and intricately designed aquariums. Let the magic of Jellyfish inspire you as you embark on your aquatic journey.









Why Buy a Jellyfish aquarium?

The aesthetic appeal of our tanks is undeniable

We don’t just sell tanks; we sell trust.

The multi-LED lighting feature does more than illuminate

The species of jellyfish selected for our tanks are harmless to humans.

Our care and expertise extend to you.

Jellyfish do not have a brain.

Why buy a jellyfish

Experience the Future with Our Unique Jellyfish Aquariums. Embracing the delicate dance of Jellyfish in your own space is not just about owning an aquarium; it’s about experiencing the slice of the ocean’s mystery. Here’s a more detailed look at why our tanks stand out as the premium choice:

  • Commitment to Ethical Practices
  • Interactive Multi led Lighting Experience
  • Guaranteed Secure Transactions
  • 100 % Animal Friendly
  • Perfect For Homes And Offices.
  • Safety First : Harmless Jellyfish
  • Assured Quality & 2 Years Warranty
  • Efficient & Express Shipping
  • Conversation starter and visual delight.
  • Designed For Jellyfish
  • Creates a Tranquil, Relaxing Atmosphere.
  • Immediate Enchantment