was set up in 2014 to cater for those looking to either get started with their own pet jellyfish collection, or for those who are looking to expand on an existing collection or are maybe keen collectors of the fish.

We aim to provide a one stop shop for all your pet jellyfish needs, whether you're a current jellyfish owner who just needs to stock up on food, or someone looking to get started with a brand new tank.

We provide the Jellyfish Art range of Jellyfish products, who are renowned as the leading manufacturer of tanks and accessories. Their range extends from the new Cylinder Nano Jellyfish Tank, through to much larger tanks for more generous displays.

While owning a Jellyfish might sound daunting, we want people to realise that in reality it's no different to owning any other fish.

With our range of Jellyfish products, we hope to inspire and allow you to have your own pet jellyfish at home - while prices may have been sky high in recent years, with the development of more affordable tanks, it's now possible for anyone to own jellyfish as a pet, and enjoy their free movement and relaxing energy.

See our Customer Testimonials and Customer Gallery below and to the right - just a handful of our pet jellyfish owners - from bedroom jellyfish tanks to office ornaments, we've provided large and small alike!

Note! Our warehouse is located in the European Union. So all goods are shipped from EU. The prices on our website are final.  We will cover all customs fees and VAT. So you really do not pay more.

Customer Testimonials

  • I must say I'm very happy with the jellies, really cool thing to watch. I had moon jellies before but these lagoon spotted ones are really quite neat.
    Fernando - Customer, April 2015
  • Jellyfish are doing great, couldn't be more pleased with the service. Loving the new pets, have been recommending your company to a couple of wowed friends. Thanks very much!
    Jon - Customer, November 2014
  • I just wanted to say thank you ! The jellyfish are here alive and well ! They look great, thanks again !
    Laura - Customer, December 2014
  • They have arrived and they look to be happy! Thank you so much my husband is going to love them!
    Kayleigh - Customer, December 2014
  • Jellyfish have arrived - they are amazing. Thank you very much. I am very impressed by your dedication to your business and by all the hours you seem to be doing to meet your orders.
    Joan - Customer, December 2014
  • They look so good, so happy with them! Might get one more, was going to email you to say thanks!
    Tony - Customer, May 2015
  • Thank you for the wonderful service sorting out delivery and answering questions.
    Ethan - Customer, May 2015
  • Thanks! Super impressed with your customer service!!!
    Leohna - Customer, September 2015
  • Your service has been been impeccable!
    Hasan - Customer, September 2015
  • I must say your customer service has been second to none with assisting me through this whole process!
    Neil - Customer, September 2015
  • Thank you for all, it was a real pleasure to work with you and I will doing it again in the future.
    Niko - Customer, December 2015