All jellyfish live for different lengths of time depending on the species.

In captivity, the lifespan of a jellyfish is very different to their lifespan in the wild. The most widely recognised ‘wild’ jellyfish, the Lion’s Mane, lives for up to a year for example.

The jellyfish that we sell as pets have a lifespan per species that we offer as a guideline. It’s important to remember that your jellies, as with any pet, will live for longer (or shorter!) depending on how well or poorly they are treated.

Treat them well, with regular water changes, excellent water quality and daily feeding, and they’ll reward you with a handsome lifespan. All of these species may live for much longer than stated below if treated well!

Moon Jellyfish are the most popular species that we sell, not only due to their beautiful and relaxing appearance, but due to their generally better lifespan than any other species, too.

Per species, our guideline lifespans are as per below. These are all “average lifespan” figures –