Water Flow is one of the most important aspects of caring for your jellyfish.

With all of our jellyfish aquariums, the speed of water flow can be adjusted simply by adjusting a dial or lever accordingly.

  • Jellyfish Art Cylinder Nano: The white knob attached to the clear tubing can be twisted. ‘Unscrew’ to increase flow, ‘Tighten’ to decrease.
  • Cubic Orbit 20: The red knob at the top of the tank adjusts water flow. ‘Unscrew’ to increase water flow, ‘Tighten’ to decrease.
  • Cubic Pulse 80 & 160: A red lever adjusts water flow. If placed vertically (pointing up), this is maximum water flow. Moving this level further horizontally will decrease water flow.

It is generally recommended to use as slow a water flow as possible – enough to keep your jellyfish off the bottom of the tank, and gently circulating. Too much water flow can result in a ‘washing machine’ effect, and can cause damage to your jellyfish.

Faster water flow is often needed for jellyfish with special requirements, often of a different species. The blue blubber is one type of jellyfish that prefers a fast water flow, as they are strong swimmers and require a strong water flow to swim against.

By using a faster water flow however, you allow food to suspend itself in the water tank for longer periods, which can be useful for feeding. Lighter debris also stays up longer and is less likely to settle at the bottom of the tank, allowing you easier cleaning.

The faster water flow also keeps the water cleaner, which can be useful after the cleaning process as it can suck up any leftover debris or food left behind.

Fast water flow however is dangerous and runs the risk of damaging your jellyfish, particularly weak types such as the moon jellyfish. It also filters out food much faster, sometimes faster than your jellyfish can consume, thus causing wastage of food.

Too fast water flow can result in a jellyfish being forced into the sides of a tank, causing compression damage, hence the recommendation is always to ensure your water flow is adequate to keep the jellies off the bottom of the tank and no more than this.

Water Flow varies from tank to tank, so use trial and error to adjust your water flow valve as necessary, to provide comfortable living conditions for your jellies.